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2.1.2 and Prior - 3.19.24

New Features

- Squid AI: Users can now ask Squid anything about their data, and Squid will provide the answer, eliminating the need for SQL, chart building, or manual data analysis.
- Trial Plan Recommender: A modal that calculates the best plan to purchase based on trial mode data.
- Heatmaps Improvements:
- New control panel for heatmaps with labels.
- Mobile version with details.
- Stream clicks for heavy traffic sites.
- Real-Time Visitor List: Provides live updates on website visitors.
- Engagement Metric: A new metric to measure user engagement.
- AI Features:
- AI per website with tone customization (Casual, Professional, Humorous).
- Graph AI questions follow the tone.
- AI suggestions and pinned responses.
- Thumbs up/down feedback for AI responses.
- Wordpress Plugin: Integration for easy use with WordPress sites.
- Billing and Subscriptions: Integration of billing for paid plan transitions.
- New knowledge base and in-app help bot.

UI/UX Enhancements

- Sign-in/up: Implementation of Google OAuth as an option.
- UI Notifications: Alert for version update changes (overlay).
- UI Enhancements:
- Upload logo for website.
- New streamlined onboarding flow.
- Redesigned UI for easier navigation and a better look and feel.
- Auto-refresh on new releases/versions.
- New Onboarding Wizard: A creative wizard to make getting started on Squid easy and fun. See it here.
- Funnels:
- New funnel builder with point-and-click functionality.
- Capture click, submit, and page events.

Performance Improvements

- Improve Analytics Data Loading:
- Caching.
- Removal of users.
- No refresh when clicking on the headline.
- New Release Strategy:
- Compressed asset delivery.
- Versioned releases.
- Autoscaling: Implementation of autoscaling for credits.


- New Website: Launch of the new website with a redesigned UI and focus on AI.
- Domain Name Change: Changed from to to align with the focus on AI.
- Locations:
- Elasticache for faster loading.
- Addition of isocode to display flags on real-time user activity.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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