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Who's Squeegee?

Meet Squeegee, our delightful and charismatic mascot, here to add a splash of fun to the world of website analytics.

Why a mascot, you might ask? Well, at Squid, we believe in breaking down barriers and making the complex simple - and that includes making website analytics feel more approachable and relatable. And who better to help us accomplish that than Squeegee, our friendly squid?

Squeegee embodies the spirit of our company and our mission to democratize data. His name, a playful twist on 'Squid', exudes the fun, friendly, and approachable image we want to portray. He's here to show you that data doesn't have to be daunting - it can be engaging, insightful, and even fun!

Squeegee is more than just a cute face; he symbolizes what we stand for as a company.

1. Approachability: Just as Squeegee is friendly and approachable, we strive to make website analytics the same. With our code-free platform, visual labeling, and templated analytics, we're making data analysis something everyone can do.

2. Democratization of Data: Squeegee is for everyone, just like our platform. We believe in making website analytics affordable and accessible, regardless of the size or budget of your business.

3. Simplicity: Squids are masters of adaptation, seamlessly blending into their surroundings. Similarly, Squeegee represents our goal to seamlessly integrate into your operations, simplifying the complex world of data.

4. Innovation: Squids are intelligent creatures, known for their problem-solving abilities. Squeegee is a symbol of our commitment to innovative solutions in the world of website analytics.

5. Fun: Last but not least, Squeegee reminds us not to take things too seriously. Data can be fun, and we want our community to enjoy the process of discovery and learning.

You'll be seeing a lot more of Squeegee as he will be our guide through blog posts, tutorials, and updates. He's here to make your journey with Squid more enjoyable and engaging. So, whether you're diving into your first data set or navigating complex analytics, remember that Squeegee is here to help!

In the end, Squeegee is a symbol of our dedication to you, our customers. He stands for our commitment to making your experience with website analytics as effortless, enjoyable, and effective as possible.

So, join Squeegee and the rest of the Squid team as we embark on this exciting journey. Let's make waves in the world of website analytics together.


Updated on: 09/02/2024

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