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Creating Your First Website

Pre-req: You've signed up for a Squid account here

Creating your first website is another easy step within Squid. A 'website' in Squid is where you will manage your actual website and see the analytics it generates. Let's create your first website now:

After you log in. You will see this screen:

Click on the 'Create a website'

You will now be on the Website configuration screen. Do the following:
a. Name your Website. This is typically your company name or brand. For example, Yahoo or Google.
b. Enter your website's FQDN (fully qualified domain name). That means you need to add the 'https'. So, using 'Yahoo' as an example, you'd enter

If you have other sub domains for your site, you can add those here as well if you'd like to get metrics on them. For example, Yahoo might have a site subdomain for user help. That URL might be: That URL can be added to this list by clicking the '**+**'.

c. Optional: Upload or change the avatar for your site by clicking 'Change avatar' or "choose file'.

c. Click 'Create website'

You will now see 'Deploy our snippet'

Head over the 'Installing the Squid Snippet' to continue.

Updated on: 17/02/2024

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