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Funnel progress

This chart represents a "Funnel Progress" report, which is used to analyze the effectiveness of a specific funnel. Here's what each part of the chart signifies:

Users started this funnel: This box shows the number of users who began the signup process.

Users finished this funnel: This indicates the number of users who completed the entire signup process.

Time to complete: How long it takes - on average - to finish the funnel. Only calculates on completed funnels.

Finish percent rate: This percentage represents the ratio of users who finished the funnel out of those who started.

Bar Graph: This shows the stages of the funnel. The shaded area signifies that all users who reached this point did not proceed further in the funnel.

The purpose of this chart is to quickly visualize where potential customers are in the signup process and at what stage they might be dropping off. This information is crucial for identifying and addressing any barriers within the signup flow that may be hindering conversions.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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