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The overview offers an in-depth look at your selected time frame, with each headline metric accompanied by its own chart. Clicking on a chart's bar, or the dot for 'Current visitors,' reveals further details about the user interactions. Take the 'First Time Visitors' metric as an example: it displays a timeline of user interactions with your site. By clicking on—or hovering over—a bar, you'll get more specifics. Selecting the popup box that appears will show you the individual users counted in that period.

The numbers in the overview chart may exceed those in the headline chart if users visit multiple times in a day. Squid counts each visit individually while tallying each user only once in the main metric to ensure unique user tracking.

The below image shows what is displayed when you click a bar to see the users for that time period. Known users will be displayed by their email address, while anonymous users will show up as a randomly generated name associated with their IP address (in privacy mode, IP addresses are hashed before storage).

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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