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Key events

This chart presents a summary of 'Key Events' on your website, which are significant interactions users have with your content, identified through your analytics setup. Here's an explanation for each part of the chart:

Key Events: These are the important actions that users have taken on your site, labeled accordingly

Unique: This column shows the number of unique visitors who have triggered each key event. This helps in assessing how many individual users are engaging with specific elements of your site.

Total: Next to each event is the total number of times that the event was triggered. This can be higher than the unique count if users are triggering the same event multiple times.

The chart provides insight into which areas of your site are capturing user interest or driving engagement. This information is crucial for understanding user behavior, refining content strategy, and measuring the impact of specific campaigns or site features.

To setup 'Key Events' you will need to label your website's elements. You can do this via Squid's[ Visual Labeler](/en/article/visual-labeler-1b5vug6/)

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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