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This chart displays the sources that are referring visitors to your website, which is key for understanding how your audience finds you. Here’s a simple breakdown:

Referrers: This section lists where your website traffic is coming from. For instance, 'direct' means visitors typed your website URL directly into their browser, indicating strong brand recognition or repeat visits.

Visitors: The number alongside each referrer shows the count of unique visitors coming from that source. A high number suggests that particular channel is effectively directing traffic to your site.

Views: Here, you see how many times your pages have been viewed from each referral source. More views than visitors can mean that users from that source are exploring your site extensively.

Ask Squid AI: By clicking the "Ask Squid AI" button, you can have Squid's AI analyze and interpret your chart data. It provides context, highlighting what's performing well, what needs improvement, and offers practical suggestions for enhancing your website's effectiveness.

Understanding these metrics helps in allocating your marketing resources efficiently, enhancing strategies for customer acquisition, and identifying potential areas for improvement in your digital presence.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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