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Website Settings

This section is specific to your website. Each website you have in Squid will have its own settings section so you can fully customize Squid to that environment.

Website Setup

Website Identification

Allows you to name your website for internal reference within your organization. The name is typically the website's name or business.

Website Avatar

Provides an option to personalize the website with an avatar, which could be your company's logo or any other relevant image.

Website URLs

A field to link the website to one or more specific site URLs. Enter the main website URL here. If you want to link subdomains to this website to ensure you capture traffic on those sites as well, please add them to the list. For example, if your main website is https\:// and you have maybe a subdomain for partner at https\://, you can also add that subdomain here.

Snippet Deployment

For setup instructions, please go to Installing the Squid Snippet.

Code Snippet

Contains an HTML script tag that is to be copied and pasted into the header of your website's code.

Interaction Buttons

"Copy to clipboard" function for easy copying of the code snippet.

Status buttons. You will see the two snippet status buttons. There are 4 different button states that will inform you of the status of your snippet installation:

Not deployed: Squid does not see the snippet within your website header or app. If you see this, please make sure you reexamine your installation.

Not connected: Squid has not received a valid connection signal from the snippet within your site/app. If your snippet is deployed correctly (that is, you have a green 'deployed' button, then something is blocking the snippet's connection to our cloud, or the connection is being denied (possibly because of a domain mismatch) - see the note below.

Deployed: Squid successful discovered the snippet in your site/app code.

Connected: A successful connection was made to our cloud and we have received data.

Here are the button states, for reference:

👉 Note: If you install Squid on a domain that's different from the domains listed in your website settings, Squid will automatically disallow connections from the unknown/unlisted domain. This is to ensure better security and that no malicious domains get added to your account.

To correct this, add the additional domain within your website settings.

AI Tone Selection

Tone Choices

Offers a selection of different interaction tones for AI communication: 'casual', 'professional', and 'humorous'.

Each tone is described to help you choose the one that best fits your brand's voice and your audience's expectations.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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